Meander Valley Health & Wellness Portal

Web Design Project :

Earlier this year we were contacted by Deloraine House to construct a site that provides information for people in the Meander Valley coping with any sort of mental illness from mild anxiety, depression right through to contemplating suicide.

We were given free reign for the content on the site. We carefully researched all the major subsets of the mental health services being provided, then dug deep into the organisations and designed the site around the common themes being discussed on the major mental health and wellbeing sites.

Not being burdened by close knowledge of the jargon or industry terms, what we ended up with was a clean, clear, easy to read site that provides a gateway to better understanding of the issues surrounding suicide, anxiety and depression and most importantly the local contacts and resources for people struggling or supporting people with mental issues.


This site is a simple design, but packed full of important detailed content – it was probably more a copywriting exercise than a design brief.

Comments from key stakeholders indicated that we met the brief and they were impressed by the uncomplicated layout, easy navigation and the plain language used throughout the site.

If you need a detailed informational site built or redesigned and you don’t have the time or inclination to create the content yourself, we’re more than happy to take a look at your project.

Done For You Website Content

Several clients over the past few weeks have commented how they were more than happy to hand over their project creative to us as they didn’t have the first clue on what to do or where to begin.

We are happy to build sites using 100% client provided content, but we are equally as happy to offer a 100% done for you solution if you are like most business owners and don’t have the time, creative instinct or inclination to create the website content yourself.

If you need help with a new site, redesign or getting more visitors to your existing website – please get in touch.

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Tassie Forest Waters Site Launch

Website Development Project

We’ve brought another Tassie business website up to date and visible to searchers looking for pristine Tasmanian bottled water.

Tassie Forest Waters previously had a three page template website that wasn’t registering for any of the products they supply.

We chose an attractive video layer to reflect the cool crisp pristine environment where TFW harvests the rainforest water they supply in their bottled & water cooler products.



Breaking down the site into separate product categories and optimising content within each category has ensured the site is appearing in a wide range of searches for the products made by TFW.

The next stage will be to build out some more content and social media activity to increase traffic and brand awareness in this competitive market.

If your business could use more leads & sales, a well constructed digital marketing campaign is essential. It starts with claiming key online properties and creating a well crafted website. These are the pillars on which you build a digital platform to drive more enquiries, leads and ultimately sales.

Need help – give us a call.

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Super Fast Responsive UK Site

This site is a simple clean framework designed to be super fast to load and be mobile responsive so it looks good on any sized screen.

web designer mk1escort_org

We’ve utilised a super fast streamlined WordPress deployment that loads very quickly despite having external advertising scripts in the header and sidebar.

super fast website design


The bulk of the content on this site will be video related, so we have implemented a pop over video light box to play large sized videos over the top of the page without leaving the page, so the viewer doesn’t lose their bearings when navigating through the videos.

web design video lightbox


You can check out this site at



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Site Launch | Expo AV Super Fast Mobile Responsive

We were tasked with redesigning a site for Expo Av who operate a Audio Visual Rentals business in WA.

The site hadn’t been touched for quite a while, so was looking a little dated and clunky.

The brief was to create a fast loading, mobile responsive site to showcase the business to prospective rental clients and exhibition event organisers.

Mobile Responsive, or having the site viewable on mobile device like a phone or tablet without having to zoom in or scroll left/right is important, not just from a search engine aspect, but also from a user experience point of view.

There is nothing worse than having to try and scroll left/right to read content on a phone or having the site text so small it is impossible to read. With over 50% of internet traffic now on mobile devices, sites need to be mobile friendly to retain viewers and also have any chance of ranking in the search engines.


Web Development Expo Av


We utilised an extremely slimline WordPress deployment and custom CSS and despite a graphic heavy front page slider, we got the initial load speed down to under 1.5 seconds, compared to over 6 seconds for the old site. Page load speed is another important Google metric to aid search result position.  So we were pretty happy with that.

web design fast loading website


What makes this even more impressive is that 1.2 seconds of that was waiting for the client’s server to respond.


fast website development


We’ll be concentrating a lot of our development this year on this highly streamlined wordpress deployment strategy and we’re pretty confident our clients will be reaping the rewards.


The site can be found at



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Website Design | Deloraine House

Completed in late 2016, enables the staff at the Deloraine Community house to keep the locals of Deloraine updated on the valuable services and events hosted at the Community House.

Website Design Tasmania


Utilising a modern WordPress theme that incorporates a front page slider, we built in image gallery sliders and produced a series of in house training videos that enable new staff to be able to correctly add and update content to the website whenver they wish.

One feature of the site is a fantastic events calendar that is regularly updated with one off events.

The Calendar also enables recurring events to be entered once and be automatically updated based on a very flexible schedule.  This can be anything from a simple “every Monday at 10am” through to more complex declarations such as “Monthly – every second Tuesday at 11am”

Website Design


Another cool feature we implemented is a lightbox pop out screen when videos or PDF documents are viewed. When viewing PDF’s for instance, the site user gets to see the PDF in full screen and has download and print functions available with one click.

The site also incorporates a live Facebook feed on the homepage to alert visitors to the existence of the Facebook page and to highlight quick updates that may not warrant a blog post.

Check out

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